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Is AMN Forms compatible with Fannie Mae's system?
Yes, we have specifically designed our product to easily upload your BPO's and MMR's to your Fannie Mae Account. Easily copy your past BPO's or MMR's when doing update requests. You can use our system with HECM properties also.
Is installation required?
No. Signup online and in minutes you can be generating forms without any installation.
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For as little as $29.99 a month,
you can join over a thousand
other Fannie Mae REO brokers and have instant access to generate all of your Fannie Mae REO forms. If you have tried our FREE AMN Forms lite product you will be blown away by the options and functionality of our full featured product.
What happens if Fannie Mae changes their forms?
We understand the forms are changing and so is the industry. When Fannie Mae releases a new version of a form, from “Knowing Your Options” to “Relocation Assistance”, we make the appropriate changes and update it online for FREE.

Do you offer support?
Your subscription to AMN Forms comes with unlimited online support with our support team monitoring emails 24 hours a day.

What forms do you have for me to generate?
We offer just about every standard Fannie Mae form that you use in your everyday business. Below is a list of them:
   BLB BPO (Rev. 9-25-13)
   Broker Repairs Scope
   Contract Amendment
   Contract Cover
   Disclosure and Release
   Door Hanger
   Floor Covering Bid
   Freddie Mac BPO
   HECM Utility
   HECM Utility Inspection Appointment Request
   HECM Utility Inspection Appointment Request - NFN
   HECM Utility Inspections Notice - NFN
   Knowing Your Options
   Knowing Your Options (MA)
   Lead Paint Disclosure
   MultiFamily BPO
   Multiple Offers Notice
   Multiple Offers Notice (HECM only)
   Owner Occupant Certification
   Picture Addendum
   Property Condition Assessment Due To Sudden Disaster
   Purchase Addendum
   Receipt (CT)
   Release of Claims
   Relocation Assistance
   Relocation Assistance (CA)
   Relocation Assistance (CT)
   Relocation Assistance (NJ)
   Relocation Assistance Offer Acknowledgement (NJ)
   Residential BPO
   Summary Repair Bids
   Summary SAM Bids
   Supplement to the Real Estate Purchase Addendum
   Tenant Occupied Supplement
   Termination Notice
   Upfront Relocation Assistance
   Upfront Relocation Assistance (NJ)
   VA Loan Addendum
   Waiver and Release
   Warning Sign

Is this an alternative to MultiForm?
Yes, our product is an alternative to MultiForm.

If I login from a friend’s computer, are my forms still available?
Yes, your forms are stored on our server, therefore wherever you have access to the internet, you can generate, save, or open all your existing forms.

Does AMN Forms work on Apple Computers?
Yes, AMN forms is compatible with both PC and Mac.

How exactly does AMN Forms work with Fannie Mae's System?
Click Here to learn more about our Fannie Mae Integration

How does E-Signing Fannie Mae Forms Work?
Our software allows you to send purchase addendums, amendments and terminations directly through our platform and have the agents sign the documents in minutes.

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